Thought Leadership

No More Imposter Syndrome

On May 1, 2023 - I was promoted to FIRST VICE PRESIDENT INVESTMENTS.

Titles are great, but it's more than a title sometimes.

This promotion was earned after many years of cold calls, tough conversations, deals falling through, sleepless nights, and every other real estate hurdle.

I feel like I checked off every box from Murphy’s Law.

I created a sustainable business from scratch with the guidance of my mentor [ALTAY UZUN], who really gave everything to make this a solid career.

92 Closed Deals

2,561 Units Sold

$515,102,790 Listed Volume

When I started, my goal was to absolutely dominate the market in deals between 6-20 units. Working with a majority of small “mom & pops” investors really helped me learn empathy and listening skills. These are relatively small deals but would make or break an investor and their family and their trajectory for the next chapter of their lives. At the end of the day, it was how much money they were going to put in their pocket after a transaction and guiding them to their next deal. I truly needed to see myself as an advisor, not a salesman.

Then I moved up into larger deals, ~20-50 units. Typically, more savvy investors speak in terms of Cap Rates, IRR, Interest Rates, and IO periods. Who knew their goals and did their research on the deals and markets, and looked to partner with me with their exit & growth strategies. Understanding margins, lending requirements, property management involvements, renovation budgets, etc… + understanding how to leverage that deal into another great transaction. Helping them find and maintain consistent growth for their investors.

Now: It is mostly ~80 units and up. Last year I was a part of a $22,000,000 transaction, my largest yet. It's a different league. Compiling years of knowledge dealing with every type of investor, property manager, lender, appraiser, attorney, and CPA on every transaction. These deals are so involved. Facilitating an investor’s growth several years in advance, providing value to them during their ownership, bringing them great buyers, then finding them another investment to purchase and repeat the process.

This title means I can do it. 

This title means I did it.

Now, time for the next one.

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