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Stop Doing Things Differently. Start Doing Different Things

“Times are changing.”

A phrase that every generation has repeated over and over and over. How are you being genuine and standing out? How are you adding value?

For Example, I started in real estate by wholesaling single-family homes in 2010. I created bandit signs and Craigslist ads to get the phone ringing. Now, nearly every intersection in town has a “We Buy Houses!” sign with a local number and nearly everyone ignores them. Is it worth making a new sign with a gimmick that people will ignore? I say no.

Another great example is the wave of email marketing. Right now, I get about 50 emails daily from various parties looking for me to buy something. I probably delete just as many emails per day as they all have similar content but no value. A dynamic title may give them an additional 2 seconds of my time but ultimately ends up in my trash. Clickbait titles do not work anymore as it violates consumer trust.

My favorite means of communication has always been speaking directly with an investor.

While that has been more difficult with spam bots and caller ID, people respond much better to a real person interested in adding value to their business versus trying to get them to do anything they are not ready for. I make over 150 calls per week, looking to add value to everyone I speak with. I continuously ask myself the question, “When they see my phone number on the screen, why should they answer it? What is something of value that I can provide them this call to help them accomplish their goals?”

My goal as a Commercial Real Estate Agent has always been to be an advisor first to my clients. I find that better understanding the goals of their investments has been much more rewarding than simply nudging them to sell or buy anything. I provide them with relevant data and market trends so we can be proactive instead of reactive as the market continuously changes.

The unfortunate reality is: as soon as you position yourself as a transaction-obsessed salesperson, you become a commodity instead of an advisor.

People want to be the hero of their journey, and I’m simply here to be their Yoda.

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