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Your Demographic is Changing

A-B-C & A-I-D-A

Always Be Closing & Attention Interest Decision Action

If you are still following these acronyms, you're already behind. These are old.

You are showing your age if you remember Glengarry Glen Ross (a sales movie) during an era when data and information were scarce. In those times, the broker was the middleman between the consumer and relevant data.

Now, in 2023…the average investor is younger and more tech-savvy. The average investor, now, has probably never seen this movie. The average investor probably has access to the same data you do. People do not want to be sold to, they want to know their advisor is listening to their needs and working together to accomplish their goals.

Well, how do you communicate with the new demographic of investors?

As a multifamily advisor and a millennial myself, I'm excited to see the growing interest of young investors in commercial real estate. It's no secret that our generation has a different mindset when it comes to investing, and this has translated into the commercial real estate industry as well.

One of the things that young investors are doing differently is focusing on high-growth markets. We're looking for properties in growing areas that have the potential to generate strong returns in the long term. We recognize the importance of finding properties that are not only attractive to tenants but also in locations that are experiencing rapid growth.

Another trend that I'm seeing among young investors is the embrace of technology. From virtual tours to data analytics, we use technology to streamline the investment process and make more informed decisions. We recognize that technology can be a powerful tool in the real estate industry and are always looking for new ways to integrate it into our investments.

Sustainability is also a big focus for many young investors. We want to invest in properties that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, as we recognize that sustainable buildings are more attractive to tenants and can help to reduce operating costs. This focus on sustainability not only aligns with our values but also can lead to better financial returns in the long term.

Another trend I see among young investors is the interest in investing in alternative assets. Co-working spaces, data centers, and healthcare facilities are just a few examples of the alternative assets we're interested in. These assets offer higher yields and diversification opportunities that traditional real estate assets may not provide.

Lastly, partnering with experienced investors is another strategy that many young investors use to gain knowledge and experience in the commercial real estate industry. By partnering with more experienced investors, we can access a broader range of investment opportunities and learn from seasoned professionals.

As cliché as it is, young investors are our future. But, more importantly, they are also our present. Learn to speak with them and understand how they see value.

Technology, sustainability, high-growth markets, and alternative assets are key.

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