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Close Your Social Media Accounts (Unless You Care About Your Business)

I really hated social media.

Not hated, loathed.

I think some people post too much.

I think some people post the wrong content.

I think some people post content that doesn’t relate to me, so why do I have to see it?

Then I realized that I sounded like a hater.

These people were sharing their thoughts and interests in a very vulnerable way with the world. Just because I wasn’t necessarily comfortable didn’t mean it wasn’t a viable option.

Then my hatred of social media lost me a deal. I didn’t get my dream listing because another agent was on Instagram when I wasn’t. This agent has an established brand across social – I didn’t. Despite me being a more “experienced” agent, this event proves that a client’s trust is all based on perception.

The good news? We have the ability to dramatically influence that perception.

This setback encouraged me to take the leap. I started supplementing my cold calls with social media posts. Diving deeper into the total reach of what these platforms are able to do for my marketing, branding, and business overall.

Think about this: If I go to a networking event, a few people ask "So, Mr. Advisor -- How's The Market?"

I then follow up, and hopefully, that person found value in our interaction, and they share my contact info with another person. This is the core of referral marketing.


I take one night a week to write an article about myself, my views, my hobbies, the market, or my interests and garner 3,000 engagements within the week.

Fourteen articles later, tens of thousands of impressions later, I have grown my network and have significantly better conversations with current and potential clients about things other than just real estate.

Once I started to see this work on LinkedIn, I added Instagram and Facebook into my rotation. In the last year, over 120,000 people have seen a post by me. That's crazy.

This method does not erase the traditional cold call.

But, times are changing, and I realized that I needed additional avenues to market myself. This method just allows me to show I am a human first, and an agent second.

Human Connection – it’s ultimately the most important thing.

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