My Chapter. In My Own Book

“You know, in my day, things were a lot harder. These young guys have it a lot easier.” - Justin Ferguson.

Yes, I quoted myself.  I can do that in my own article.

This is what I caught myself saying recently. But I’m certainly not alone here. This is said by nearly everyone in every industry more and more.

In the CRE industry, we have seen a rapid increase in technology, data availability, and speed in every aspect of the business. So, seeing the younger agents rise at a faster rate sometimes requires me to take a step back and recalibrate. Everything is more available than it used to be.

Relatively speaking, though, this is year 7 for me, and I am only 35 years old…so to most, I am still one of “these young guys.”

✅ The information that took me weeks to acquire about a property is only minutes away.

✅ Finding a working phone number for an owner is only seconds away.

✅ Sharing better & more detailed data with a Buyer is easier with the improvements to video and picture quality.

✅ Getting a potential client to notice you is easier now since you will eventually show up in their Linkedin or Instagram news feed.

Do you know what “these young guys” don’t have yet? Proven relationships and transaction history. That takes the day-to-day grind and effort. Years of prospecting & client follow-up. Years of talking cap rates, returns, negotiations, presentations, etc... The nitty gritty that gets deals done.

I think about the clients I have and continue to do business with as we have built a strong relationship over the years - they always come to me for opinions.

Social Media has us continually comparing ourselves to others. Giving self-doubt. Thinking that I must be doing something wrong or not utilizing every new technology as it hits the app store. That isn't the case.

It also makes me feel good to know that my senior mentor and partnerhelped me grow as fast as we could when I started. That we created systems and efficiencies so we can all do better together, faster. I think that if the younger agents were not seeing initial growth faster than I did, I must not be supporting them the way I know they need it.

At the end of the day, I am creating my chapter in my book…not someone else's.

Cheers to you for writing a new entry every day.

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